Access control, role design, and segregation of duties

Taking the next step with your GRC roadmap and strategy: Extending your SAP Access Control investment with SAP Process Control

Marie-Luise Wagener, SAP SE
Thursday, 18 June, 2015
16:15 - 17:30
Gallieni 4

If your organisation has implemented or is adopting SAP Access Control, attend this session to learn what's next when tasked with the responsibility of streamlining and better managing your GRC initiatives. Come away from this session with a clear understanding of:

  • Requirements and capabilities of the latest versions of SAP Process Control, including its architecture, framework, and key integration points with SAP Access Control
  • Use cases that explore options for extending the capabilities of your GRC environment by integrating the functions and processes of SAP Access Control and SAP Process Control
  • How to leverage SAP Process Control to automate monitoring of general computer controls