CRM strategies and technology roadmaps

Customer intelligence: CRM KPIs in the context of predictive analytics

Samuel Rentsch, IT-Logix AG
Wednesday, 03 June, 2015
14:45 - 16:00
Club B

The CRM data you have collected contains great potential — but how can you leverage all of it? Attend this session to explore a selection of CRM KPIs in a logical, easy-to-understand context, as well as the broadly accepted concept of the customer lifetime value (CLV). You will learn:

  • In what form and to what extent CRM data can be used for predictions (predictive analytics) and what possible actions based on such models can look like in real life
  • What a CLV model is and how it relates to a company’s overall strategy, including typical growth, increase share of wallet, and up- and cross-sales
  • Strategies and practical examples to leverage CRM data for predictions
Take home a CLV KPI blueprint for position and predictive analytics to top management.