Supply chain strategy
Demand and supply planning
Sales and operations planning
Production planning
Materials and inventory management
Warehouse management
Transportation management
Order management
Data management and reporting
Financials 2015, GRC 2015, BI 2015, and HANA 2015
HR 2015
Logistics and SCM 2015

Top 5 Reasons to attend the Logistics and SCM 2015 Conference

  1. 1 Improve agility, operational planning, and visibility across the extended supply chain
  2. 2 Ensure accurate demand forecasts, improved production planning, and optimised inventory levels
  3. 3 Enhance warehouse operations, increase transportation efficiency, and streamline order management
  1. 4 Gain quicker and more accurate insight into supply chain data
  2. 5 Streamline product development and increase automation across manufacturing processes
SAPinsider conferences provide some of the best education I've ever experienced. Moreover, I forged strategic relationships from which we draw immeasurable value.

—Senior Program ManagerNike

Logistics and SCM 2015 is co-located with Financials 2015, GRC 2015, BI 2015, and HANA 2015. Registration at one conference admits you to all five events at no additional cost.

The 2015 Singapore Experience

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