Pre-Conference Workshops, 13 June

Pre-conference Workshops are in-depth sessions designed to build a solid foundation of knowledge in critical topics. Through a combination of demos, lecture, discussions, and Q&A, you’ll develop a comprehensive understanding of important topics.

Your workshop registration fee gives you access to two information-packed sessions; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. You'll leave both sessions with all the presentation materials, demos, handouts, and any other resources that are prepared by the instructor.

You’ll also leave with greater knowledge and confidence, and you'll be ready to go further in-depth on these topics throughout the rest of the event.

Don Loden, Protiviti
Tuesday, 13 June, 2017
10:00 - 13:00

SAP HANA analytic models are incredibly powerful tools when used effectively, but sometimes just because you can do things in SAP HANA does not mean that you should! This session examines real-world, tested solutions and best practices around SAP HANA modelling, including... More »

Merlijn Ekkel, SAP
Tuesday, 13 June, 2017
14:00 - 17:00

What are the latest features and functionalities in the SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2 release? What are the value propositions to consider? What do you need to know to successfully move to SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2? What are SAP’s road map plans for SAP BusinessObjects BI? Attend this 3-hour in-depth session to get the answers to these critical questions. You will... More »

Dan Goodinson, BI Brainz
Tuesday, 13 June, 2017
10:00 - 13:00

Attend this comprehensive session to learn a step-by-step process for analysing, identifying, and troubleshooting performance issues in your SAP BusinessObjects BI reports and dashboards. Get detailed instructions and step through live demonstrations to learn how to... More »

Ivo Bauermann

Global Vice President SAP Analytics, Head of Business Development & Global Center of Excellence


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