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David Carroll, Reveal

David Carroll is a Thought Leader with Reveal and an accomplished SAP professional with significant experience in SAP Discrete, Repetitive and Process Manufacturing and SAP Supply Chain experience gained throughout several complete project lifecycles. He has also an extensive Supply Chain, Change Management and Production business background gained from running Plants in FMCG Food, Beverages, Engineering, Toiletries and Chemical environments. He has worked with a variety of clients such as Moen, Minuteman, Carlisle, Kellogg, SABMiller, Northern Foods PLC, Cadburys, Heinz Foods, OM Group, Peter Black Toiletries, Blount International, Shure, and ASM International.

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Sean Elliffe, Reveal

Sean Elliffe is an Associate Partner at Reveal USA responsible for driving the delivery of supply chain optimization/improvement programs across the globe. Sean has a mechanical engineering background and holds a Master’s degree (M-Phil Education and Training). He has more than 20 years of strategic business experience building situation-based interventions and solutions that drive business to achieve effective delivery, enhanced competitiveness, and improved business efficiency. He has spoken at International supply chain conferences in Europe, US, and South Africa. Sean has assisted clients in the US, UK, Europe, Australia, Pakistan, Trinidad and Tobago to achieve the adaptations needed to change the way they manage their supply chains. Some of these clients include BHP Billiton, Sulzer Metco, Tennant Company, Ryerson, Foundation Coal, Insight, Rust-Oleum, and Entegris.

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Martin Rowan, Reveal

Martin Rowan is a Senior Partner in Reveal and his primary focus is to facilitate solutions that help companies optimize their integrated supply chains to achieve a level of ERP Maturity and increase profitability. He is actively involved with local and international supply chain market and has been for over 20 years. His experience covers a wide variety of industries across multiple countries with specific focus on driving transformational change within the organization and the extended supply chain. Martin speaks frequently at user group meetings and conferences typically on topics around the importance of an optimized ERP. For the last few years he has spoken in Spain, France, Germany, South Africa, Sweden, UK and USA. Some clients he has represented across the globe are US Navy, HD Supply, Ryerson Steel, BMW, Toyota, General Motors, Mittal Steel, Sanyo, Insight and Asics, to name a few.

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