Keynote Address

Driving insights to outcomes across the business value chain

Mike Flannagan, SAP
Jag Bandla, Deloitte
Chris Dinkel, Deloitte
Monday, February 27, 2017
8:30 AM - 10:15 AM
Southern Hemisphere Ballroom

As data becomes a highly valued and strategic asset, it is fueling the transformation of the digital organization. A new, self-service, data-driven culture has evolved that is reaching from the boardroom to the manufacturing floor, driving significant ROI for the business. Organizations that are tapping into the value of their data are creating a competitive advantage over those that are slow to adapt. Join Mike Flannagan, Senior Vice President Product Strategy, SAP Analytics, as he shares SAP’s vision for the digital enterprise and how organizations are leveraging advanced analytics, cloud, and pervasive mobility to gain unprecedented insights into their markets and customers. Learn how other business leaders are anticipating the next trends and pitfalls, and how they take actions instantaneously to create positive outcomes across the entire business value chain.

Seize the insight-driven advantage

Today’s great competitors are increasingly those who are able to seize the advantage of insight. They recognize the potential value of the tremendous amount of data they are collecting, creating, and curating. And they’re using deep analytics capabilities to translate that potential into real business results. Meanwhile, cognitive computing, machine learning, and other approaches are acting as disruptive forces that can change entire business models. Join Deloitte SAP HANA Analytics leaders, Jag Bandla and Chris Dinkel, to learn how your organization can deploy a powerful, integrated framework for embedding advanced analytics into your core processes, enabling you to make more informed decisions to meet your business goals.  

Mike Flannagan

Senior Vice President


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