Keynote Address

HR Keynote Address: Digital HR disruption: Tackling transformation today

Yvette Cameron, SAP SuccessFactors
Mark Brandau, SAP SuccessFactors
Monday, March 06, 2017
11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

The digital economy is here now — today. And the rapid disruption caused by digitization is well underway in HR. This pace is being fueled by the rapid speed of innovation, globalization, and shifting workforce demographics. Yet research shows that many HR organizations are not adequately prepared for this radical digital disruption. And those that do not continuously update their approach to HR and workforce leadership risk falling behind.

The challenges facing HR are unique and require HR to transform and reinvent itself in order to support the new workforce and new business demands. But there are barriers, such as deeply customized solutions and complex processes, that present difficulties when attempting to simplify and transform. A new kind of HR leadership is required in the digital economy — one where rapid, continuous innovation, information, and inclusive cultures are keys to success. 

Join Yvette Cameron, VP of SAP SuccessFactors Strategy, and Mark Brandau, VP of SAP SuccessFactors Solution Management, as they discuss the key digital trends disrupting HR, the workforce, and organizations. They will also share what action you can take today to ensure you and your organization emerge as a Digital Winner — and provide insight on what you should expect from HCM solution vendors (and their solutions) along your digital transformation journey.

Mark Brandau

Vice President HCM Solutions

SAP SuccessFactors

Yvette Cameron

Global Head of SAP SuccessFactors Strategy

SAP SuccessFactors

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