Top reasons to attend IoT 2017

Drive enhanced digital connectivity with intelligently developed and designed IoT projects Examine various IoT models and which business areas and processes reap the greatest value from each Walk through demos of SAP’s latest IoT solution offerings, such as SAP HANA® Cloud Platform and SAP Asset Intelligence Network Prepare for the benefits and drawbacks that your IoT initiative may have on business continuity

Understand basic concepts, business use cases, and technical requirements of IoT to make strong, informed strategy, process, and investment decisions around IoT Explore the critical components of an IoT application, from hardware sensors to middleware, database, and analytics Secure critical business data and processes against potential IoT vulnerabilities Learn the metrics, caveats, and gotchas you need to know to get started and have a successful IoT initiative

This conference is a great environment to get updates on the newest products and tools to ensure that we're using our SAP software to its fullest potential. The networking capabilities are ideal as well.

——Thies Lammke, Mascot

IoT 2017 is co-located with Customer Engagement & Commerce 2017, Logistics and SCM 2017, PLM 2017, Manufacturing 2017, and Procurement 2017. Registration at 1 event provides access to sessions at all 6 events.


Volker Hildebrand

Global Vice President


Hans Thalbauer

Senior Vice President


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