Cybersecurity for SAP Customers Spotlight Session

Gadi Evron, Cymmetria
Wednesday, November 28, 2018
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Panzacola H-1

Eligible for Information Technology Credits

Security is becoming an increasing concern to organizations, with various assets, business processes, and business risks pulling on our resources even before we start to consider the threat landscape. Despite efforts to prevent them, there are new reports of organizations getting breached almost every single day. Should we keep doing the same thing, or more of a specific thing? Has anything in the basics changed since the 1990s? What is new? In this presentation, you will explore various concepts and techniques, examining each one and how the industry is maturing, and can mature in the future. Examples include zero-trust environments and how we build our networks when we already assume compromise. We will also touch on some controversial topics such as "hack backs" and how we may choose to engage with attackers on our own networks, and "fake news" and how our own organizations are at risk. Join Gadi Evron, CEO of Cymmetria and a cybersecurity veteran, who established the Israeli CERT and wrote the post-mortem analysis for the 2007 "Estonian Internet War," and examine where the security industry is heading, and how this may serve you. Attend to understand... More »