Practical guidelines to ensure simplified, flexible, scalable SAP environments

Jens Rolke, SAP Labs

Learn how SAP Landscape Management helps to simplify, automate, and orchestrate the management and operations of your SAP systems running on premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. Attend this session to ... More »

Kurt Hollis, Deloitte
Saikrishna Gorantla, Deloitte

Explore techniques and strategies to effectively manage your SAP HANA system performance. Learn best practices to ensure a fast and smooth-running system and find out how you can identify and prevent issues before they occur. Based on lessons learned from real projects, you will learn ... More »

William Adams, SAP SE

Get actionable advice to help you predict the hardware requirements needed to run your business workloads, and explore in detail SAP S/4HANA embedded analytics and customer-built analytical applications on SAP HANA. By attending, you will ... More »

William Adams, SAP SE

With the availability of the SAP HANA platform, there has been a paradigm shift in the way business applications are developed at SAP. Core Data Services (CDS) simplify and harmonize the way you as customer or partner can define, extend, and consume your data models to service your applications. Attend this session for detailed instruction on how to ensure optimal performance when using CDS views. You will learn how to ... More »

Aaron Sullivan, Salt River Project

Learn how Salt River Project (SRP), one of the nation’s largest public power utilities providing electricity to roughly 1 million customers in a 2,900-square-mile service area, deployed and leveraged SAP Landscape Management to automate repetitive, day-to-day tasks that previously tied up its IT personnel for days. Plus, hear about new functionality it uses to improve monitoring and administration, see the impressive results to date, and delve into future plans. Attend to explore ... More »

William Adams, SAP SE

This session provides guidance on performance and scalability characteristics that are fundamental for today’s IT landscape challenges in 2 main areas — IT landscape planning and implementation, and development. Attend to gain best practices for designing, developing, and testing to ensure optimum system scalability and performance, including ... More »

Irene Hopf, Lenovo

Hardware sizing can be like looking into the crystal ball, but there are tools and techniques you can utilize to help. Attend this session to learn about the various approaches you can use to determine the hardware requirements for SAP S/4HANA for both greenfield and brownfield scenarios. Come away with practical guidelines to keep in mind as you determine your SAP S/4HANA strategy. You will ... More »

Bernd Baier, Libelle

In this session, you will be presented with specific workflows, methodologies, and strategies to deliver system refreshes with lightning speed. The foundation is a standardized, consistent, and highly optimized workflow. All steps are then fully automated and largely executed in parallel. Cloud techniques reduce full refreshes to hours from days; these include snapshots for database copies or temporarily moving the system to faster disks or a larger machine during execution of the refresh. Finally, an integrated data masking phase fully obfuscates sensitive data after the refresh. Attend to review... More »

Deb Donohoe, Enowa

Gain useful tools and techniques you can add to your Basis toolkit. Join in this discussion with our expert speakers and your conference peers to gain insight from a wide range of experiences, and explore technical best practice considerations to ensure system availability, sufficient backups, effective disaster recovery, and optimal performance. Bring your challenges to this forum and you will come away with solutions! More »

Moderator: Nathan Saunders, Lenovo
Panelists: Irene Hopf, Lenovo; Richard Travis, Lenovo

A critical task in SAP HANA based projects is the selection for the appropriate hardware infrastructure. Hear experiences from customer situations and lessons learned on capacity planning and hardware sizing... More »