Proven techniques to secure your SAP landscape and applications

Kristian Lehment, SAP SE

Explore SAP’s set of security solutions as well as security platform features that will help you configure a secure and robust landscape architecture. Examine solutions and services, such as SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication, SAP Cloud Platform Identity Provisioning, SAP Enterprise Threat Detection, SAP Single Sign-On, and SAP Identity Management, as well as the security features of SAP’s platform-as-a-service offering, SAP Cloud Platform. Attend to ... More »

Deb Donohoe, Enowa

Though network engineers and system administrators are traditionally tasked with IT security-related responsibilities, the complexity of an SAP ecosystems requires the specific skillset of an educated Basis admin or expert to effectively identify and secure gaps that may be unique to the SAP platform. This session offers proven strategies to help you ... More »

Kristian Lehment, SAP SE

Learn how to maximize security and user productivity with SAP Single Sign-On in on-premise landscapes and the SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication service for cloud environments. Get detailed insights into the available technologies, such as Kerberos, X.509 certificates, and SAML, including their benefits and limitations. Walk away with instructions on how to set up the most efficient single sign-on (SSO) infrastructure in your organization, as you explore ... More »

Kristian Lehment, SAP SE

Attend this session to learn how to do real-time analysis and correlation of log data from SAP and non-SAP systems in order to identify real attacks as they are happening and neutralize them before serious damage occurs. Explore current and planned features of the on-premise and SAP Cloud Platform offerings with SAP Enterprise Threat Detection, which leverages SAP HANA to manage and minimize exposure to external and internal threats. You will learn about ... More »

Troy Konis, Turnkey Consulting

Attend this session to explore the SAP Fiori architecture, its components, and their specific requirements, to gain a complete understanding of the SAP Fiori security framework. You will learn techniques to resolve security issues, such as how to provide access to SAP Fiori tiles through groups and catalogues for efficiently de-bugging authorization problems. Via lecture and a live demo building SAP Fiori roles, you will gain insight into ... More »