BI strategy, tool selection, and user engagement

Predictive analytics tools in SAP HANA: What tools are available, and when should I use them?

Hillary Bliss, Decision First Technologies, A Protiviti Enterprise
Tuesday, March 10, 2015
1:00 PM - 2:15 PM

Gain an understanding of the tools that run predictive algorithms within SAP HANA, including SAP Predictive Analysis, the predictive analysis libraries, SAP HANA-R Integration, SAP InfiniteInsight, and the SAP HANA application function modeler. Suited to both administrators and predictive users, in this session you will:

  • Examine benefits and drawbacks of each set of tools, the algorithms available in each, and which algorithms and business use cases would be most appropriate for each
  • Understand roles of SAP HANA administrator and predictive users: How administrators can guide users, and when users should be requesting support from the administrators
  • Step through live demos of interactions with the various tools, including SAP Predictive Analysis and the application function modeler in SAP HANA studio