SAP HANA system administration

Kurt Hollis, Deloitte

Explore techniques and strategies to effectively manage your SAP HANA system performance. Learn best practices to ensure a fast and smooth-running system and find out how you can identify and prevent issues before they occur. Based on lessons learned from real projects, you will learn ... More »

Kurt Hollis, Deloitte

Take a deep dive into advanced SAP HANA administration and master techniques and tools for effective analysis of issues, monitoring the workload, and overall management of SAP HANA systems, including multi-tenant databases. Attend this comprehensive session to ... More »

Kurt Hollis, Deloitte

Review the tools for operating and administering SAP HANA, including the SAP HANA cockpit and SAP HANA studio (Eclipse-based) tools. At this session you will perform hands-on configuration, administration, and management of SAP HANA systems using the SAP HANA cockpit and studio. Attendees will... More »

Jens Rolke, SAP Labs

Attend this session to gain a quick overview of SAP Landscape Management’s features and dive into advanced operations that enable you to centrally manage and provision your SAP systems powered by SAP HANA. You will ... More »

Jonathan Haun, Enowa

This hands-on session provides useful rules of the road and expert tips for SAP HANA security. Learn about what’s new with SAP HANA security and get best practice recommendations to implement and maintain the best security model for your SAP HANA system. Through technical explanations and hands-on experience, you will gain an understanding of ... More »