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Case study: How LANXESS Solutions archives and carves out data to reduce risk, enable IT agility, and lower the cost of moving to SAP S/4HANA

James Prins, LANXESS Solutions

To prepare for a 2017 move from SAP ECC 6.0 to SAP S/4HANA LANXESS Solutions — a division of LANXESS, a global specialty chemicals company with approximately 19,200 employees in 25 countries — implemented a data archiving and data carve out project to reduce its total system footprint and remove divested business data from its SAP software systems. Find out how the company was able to quickly reduce its system footprint by 65 percent by retaining only the information pertinent to the current business while ensuring compliance with corporate and industry retention policies. Attend to explore ...More »

Case study: Creating data buy-in and a single version of truth with common core measures at National Vision

Karma Bevelhimer, National Vision

Learn how National Vision, one of the largest optical retailers in the United States operating 1,000 retail locations, established enterprise-wide best practices for developing common core measures, and successfully implemented a core metrics infrastructure and governance that feeds all business reporting and analytics. Learn firsthand from the planning, rollout, and ongoing strategy and maintenance which provides a single version of truth to users across the business. Find out how National Vision ...More »

Case study: Taking it to the cloud — Application design within SAP Analytics Cloud at Fairfax Water

Tammy Powlas, Fairfax Water

Find out how Fairfax Water, which provides water to nearly 2 million people and reports on close to 300,000 customers, is building applications using the new application designer capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud. Learn how the company builds simple and complex applications, explore use cases, and gain real-world insight, including ...More »

Case study: Tips, tricks, and best practices used by the American Red Cross to build high-powered semantic layers with the SAP BusinessObjects information design tool

Ken Coleman, American Red Cross

Gain practical advice from the American Red Cross on how to build semantic layers to support complex reports, dashboards, and structured Big Data. Based on real-world lessons using the information design tool (IDT) to create universes for its deployment of self-service BI to a portion of its 6,000 users nationwide, attendees will ...More »

Case study: How the Environmental Protection Agency optimized and saved costs in its SAP BusinessObjects environments

Jayna Alexander Cimonetti, Environmental Protection Agency

The Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) implemented SAP BusinessObjects more than 10 years ago. In 2017, the OCFO launched a shared service center within the EPA to maximize its SAP BusinessObjects investments and reduce costs. In this session, go behind the scenes with the EPA to get useful cost-saving and performance-enhancing tips you can utilize in your own organization. Find out how the EPA ...More »

Case study: Real-world lessons from Swisscom’s conversion and transformation of its analytical architecture to enable the data-driven enterprise

Find out how Swisscom — an international, multi-billion-dollar telecom company — is making the transformation to a modern data-driven enterprise using SAP BW/4HANA, SAP Predictive Analytics, and other applications. Explore key elements of the company’s transformation, including planning, methodology, project timelines, and demo. Find out how Swisscom ...More »

Case study: Lessons from Epsilon’s successful SAP Cloud Platform implementation

Aneesh Kumar, Epsilon

Epsilon, a global customer data marketing and analytics company, recently deployed SAP Cloud Platform to improve the speed and capabilities of its customer analytics. Understand key considerations, including security and scalability, that played into the company’s cloud decision, and get useful tips from its deployment experience. Attend to learn about ...More »

Case study: Lessons from Ypsomed’s SAP BW/4HANA greenfield implementation approach — Completed in 4 months

Adrian Egger, Ypsomed

Learn how Ypsomed — a global developer and manufacturer of injection and infusion systems for self-medication and a renowned diabetes specialist — is transitioning to a modern central data warehouse on SAP BW/4HANA on an existing SAP HANA database. Understand why a greenfield approach was chosen, and explore key elements of the project plan — along with technical challenges — including how the company ...More »

Case study: Landscape automation at Salt River Project using SAP Landscape Management

Aaron Sullivan, Salt River Project

Learn how Salt River Project (SRP), one of the nation’s largest public power utilities providing electricity to roughly 1 million customers in a 2,900-square-mile service area, deployed and leveraged SAP Landscape Management to automate repetitive, day-to-day tasks that previously tied up its IT personnel for days. Plus, hear about new functionality it uses to improve monitoring and administration, see the impressive results to date, and delve into future plans. Attend to explore ...More »

Case study: How Bridgestone Tires used SAP Analytics Cloud to streamline the monthly forecasting process

Scooter Kramer, Bridgestone Tires

Get firsthand lessons and key insights from Bridgestone Tires’ recent rollout of SAP Analytics Cloud to streamline its Excel-based monthly forecasting process. Explore key elements of the company’s SAP Analytics Cloud deployment plan and roll out — completed in just 4 weeks — including ...More »

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