SAP analytics

John Schitka, SAP

Learn how you can leverage the augmented analytics capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud to deliver smart insights to the masses, enabling business analysts to perform exploratory analytics journeys, and allowing in-moment action. You will discover how augmented analytics can be leveraged to ... More »

Jacob Stark, SAP

Take a deep dive into SAP’s “One Simple Cloud” strategy, where all analytics roads are converging on SAP Analytics Cloud as the single SaaS-based analytics platform from SAP for BI, planning, and predictive that is intelligent, embedded, and hybrid. Learn how any organization, regardless of data needs to remain on-premise or in the cloud, can immediately begin leveraging these advanced capabilities. Attend to ... More »

Jie Deng, SAP

Get an overview of the application design capability within SAP Analytics Cloud and find out how designers and IT departments can create an analytical application or dashboard with this new capability. Through lecture and live demos, you will learn ... More »

Tammy Powlas, Fairfax Water

Learn how Fairfax Water, Virginia’s largest water utility, uses the new features of SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office, such as hybrid SAP Analytics Cloud reporting, on its 300K customer base. Gain best practices, including how IT, power users, and business users can gain value using SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office, and find out how the company ... More »

Ingo Hilgefort, SAP

In this session attendees will learn how customers can integrate SAP Analytics Cloud with their existing SAP BW or SAP BW/4HANA landscape and combine their existing assets from their on-premise data warehouse with the latest cloud-based analytics solution from SAP. You will learn about ... More »

John Schitka, SAP

Discover the wide range of services SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation provides, from semantic text, image, and video, to understanding speech. Explore how robotic process automation can help you automate enterprise processes and gain efficiency across lines of business; and how to enhance business processes with intelligent algorithms using enterprise-grade machine learning. Attend to ... More »

Jacob Stark, SAP

Join this session to find out how quick and easy it is to have a fully functional dashboard with SAP Analytics Cloud predefined business content. Learn about new APIs available that enable you to embed the power of SAP Analytics Cloud into your own applications. Gain a thorough understanding of ... More »

Pras Chatterjee, SAP

Attend this session to understand SAP’s collaborative enterprise planning process. Use SAP Analytics Cloud and the SAP Digital Boardroom to bring siloed plans together in 1 solution regardless of LOB, department, or function. In this session you will explore: More »

Tammy Powlas, Fairfax Water

Find out how Fairfax Water, which provides water to nearly 2 million people and reports on close to 300,000 customers, is building applications using the new application designer capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud. Learn how the company builds simple and complex applications, explore use cases, and gain real-world insight, including ... More »

Scooter Kramer, Bridgestone Tires

Get firsthand lessons and key insights from Bridgestone Tires’ recent rollout of SAP Analytics Cloud to streamline its Excel-based monthly forecasting process. Explore key elements of the company’s SAP Analytics Cloud deployment plan and roll out — completed in just 4 weeks — including ... More »

Harish Kumara, SAP America

Attend this session to explore the power user tools included in SAP S/4HANA embedded analytics. Learn how these new capabilities allow you to define multidimensional reports tailored to your specific needs, with optimized performance and better user experience allowing you to ... More »

Kermit Bravo, TruQua Enterprises

Find out how you can leverage the comprehensive data enablement and analysis features of SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office to enable deeper data insights and improve user engagement in your enterprise. Learn how to ... More »

Dmitry Kuznetsov, BI Consulting

This session provides all you need to know to set up a proof of concept (PoC) for SAP S/4HANA analytics assembled in one place. Explore your options for BI on SAP S/4HANA and come away with a useful checklist that will help you accelerate your PoC, including links to documentation, blogs, and SAP training offerings. Attend to learn how to ... More »

Ingo Hilgefort, SAP

Attend this session to learn how you can integrate SAP Analytics Cloud with existing SAP BusinessObjects universes and combine existing assets from your on-premise SAP BusinessObjects landscape with the latest cloud-based analytics solution from SAP. Attend to ... More »

Aneesh Aboo Sulaikha, Deloitte

This session focuses on SAP Leonardo use cases, various deployment options, and integration capabilities for on-premise and cloud landscapes. Find out how SAP Leonardo enables the intelligent enterprise through the Internet of Things, analytics, blockchain, machine learning, Big Data, and data intelligence. You will learn about ... More »

Saroop Reddy Chidirala, Deloitte

Attend this session for real-world insight into how SAP Predictive Analytics enables users to build predictive models to analyze trends in their data, and measurably impact decision making and bottom-line results. You will ... More »

Dmitry Kuznetsov, BI Consulting

Get to know the embedded BI content delivered in SAP S/4HANA that you may not be aware of, such as analytic models and SAP Fiori tiles. Explore their use cases, find out what SAP best practices are, and get tips on custom modeling. Attend to ... More »

Bill Faison, Method360

Gain an overview of a recent greenfield SAP S/4HANA and SAP BW/4HANA implementation at a major oil and gas company. Explore how an agile approach coupled with simplifications to the SAP analytics architecture resulted in a 70% improvement in IT responsiveness (time-to-market), increased levels of configuration flexibility, and the ability to add modern capabilities like SAP Leonardo IoT Edge data streaming, data hub virtualization, and a common UX for analytics access via SAP Analytics Hub. Based on project experiences, you will explore ... More »