SAP Cloud Platform

With the latest technologies, such as enterprise mobility, Big Data, advanced analytics, machine learning, and the Internet of Things, businesses are rejuvenating their digital transformation initiatives — regardless of industry and size. And for many, SAP Cloud Platform is at the center of the action. Attend this informative introduction to the SAP Cloud Platform and find out how adopting this enterprise cloud platform can help you to ... More »

Learn how SAP Cloud Platform can be leveraged to build personalized solutions for both customers and employees while keeping your core ERP and other applications intact. See how this can be accomplished by providing an agile layer that enables you to customize, personalize, and extend your existing on-premise or cloud-based applications. Join this session to understand the different extension options and scenarios that allow you to ... More »

Rajan Arora, Deloitte

Uncover the top threats and security implications for your SAP Cloud Platform implementation, take a deep dive into the technical details of various security layers, and learn industry standards and security setup options for each layer. Attend to learn ... More »

Aneesh Kumar, Epsilon

Epsilon, a global customer data marketing and analytics company, recently deployed SAP Cloud Platform to improve the speed and capabilities of its customer analytics. Understand key considerations, including security and scalability, that played into the company’s cloud decision, and get useful tips from its deployment experience. Attend to learn about ... More »

The cloud comes with some exciting advantages. It can empower you to enhance business agility, eliminate digital silos, and seamlessly integrate applications across your business landscape — but only if you’re ready to seize the opportunities the cloud presents. Understand how the integration capabilities of SAP Cloud Platform can help your business maximize the value of existing applications and investments in the cloud to ... More »

Reinvent the user experience by building beautiful apps to capture new audiences. Explore the UX services and capabilities in the SAP Cloud Platform to deliver these optimal digital experiences. Learn how UX tools of the SAP Cloud Platform make it easy for business and IT to ... More »