Data management, modeling, and integration

Ingo Hilgefort, SAP

In this session attendees will learn how customers can integrate SAP Analytics Cloud with their existing SAP BW or SAP BW/4HANA landscape and combine their existing assets from their on-premise data warehouse with the latest cloud-based analytics solution from SAP. You will learn about ... More »

Karma Bevelhimer, National Vision

Learn how National Vision, one of the largest optical retailers in the United States operating 1,000 retail locations, established enterprise-wide best practices for developing common core measures, and successfully implemented a core metrics infrastructure and governance that feeds all business reporting and analytics. Learn firsthand from the planning, rollout, and ongoing strategy and maintenance which provides a single version of truth to users across the business. Find out how National Vision ... More »

Himanshu Priyam, Deloitte

Explore a detailed architecture and landscape for SAP HANA integration with Hadoop, including an overview of integration methods available, how to determine the best option, and the role spark controller plays in the process. Take a deep dive into the configuration steps required for integration, optimization techniques to maximize the performance, and troubleshooting tips. Attend to understand the data flow when integrating SAP HANA and Hadoop, and explore ... More »

James Prins, LANXESS Solutions

To prepare for a 2017 move from SAP ECC 6.0 to SAP S/4HANA LANXESS Solutions — a division of LANXESS, a global specialty chemicals company with approximately 19,200 employees in 25 countries — implemented a data archiving and data carve out project to reduce its total system footprint and remove divested business data from its SAP software systems. Find out how the company was able to quickly reduce its system footprint by 65 percent by retaining only the information pertinent to the current business while ensuring compliance with corporate and industry retention policies. Attend to explore ... More »

Don Loden, Protiviti

Core Data Services (CDS) views are a confusing topic for many organizations. To be even more confusing, there are SAP HANA-specific CDS views and ABAP-specific CDS views that are completely different development artifacts. Attend this session to see why you use each and get clear explanations on which type of objects are suited for different types of use cases. You will ... More »

Marcos Aurelio Poles De Souza, MethodSys Consulting

Learn how to use the new SAP BW/4HANA datasources and how to implement effective cross-modeling development with SAP BW/4HANA and the SAP HANA 2.0 database to maximize performance and reduce the memory data footprint. Attend to learn about ... More »

Mickeal Taylor, Protiviti

The nuances of SAP HANA model development can be difficult to grasp. Small mistakes or deviations from best practice can result in massively increased run times and slow report runtimes. Understanding the different components of SAP HANA and how to use them can greatly enhance the front-end user’s productivity. Attend this session to see how to design SAP HANA models to ensure a sleek and optimized reporting, including ... More »

Dr. Werner Hopf, Serrala

The exponential increase of customer, supplier, and employee data collected by organizations each year creates new business opportunities and greater insights into customer behaviors, but it also creates new risks and responsibilities. Find out how IT professionals can manage these risks and responsibilities by putting a future-proof and risk-proof information management strategy in place. Learn how the demands of a modern, information-driven enterprise result in an increase in Big Data. Attend to ... More »

Sandeep Nelly, Deloitte

Attend this session to learn how you can leverage SAP HANA smart data integration to overcome challenges related to designing the landscape for real-time and batch data replication to SAP HANA from source systems. You will learn ... More »

Christian Blumhoff, SAP

With analytics leading the digital agenda and information becoming the most prized asset, organizations turn to new ways of handling and exploiting data. In this world, the role of data warehousing is changing fundamentally. Attend this session to explore the fundamentals of data warehousing, content and context data, and the analytics process, and gain an understanding of ... More »

Pravin Gupta, TekLink International

Are you getting the best out of your high-performance SAP HANA database? This session will empower you with techniques to optimize your SAP HANA system. Explore real-life implementation scenarios and solutions to help ensure effective utilization of your SAP HANA investment and deliver optimal performance at runtime, high-data availability, and SAP HANA memory footprint reduction. You will explore ... More »

Richard LeBlanc, SAP

SAP Data Hub is a data-sharing and orchestration solution that helps companies accelerate and expand the flow of data across the modern, diverse data landscape. It provides unprecedented data access and governance; creates powerful, organization-spanning data flows; and quickly delivers results by leveraging existing data-processing investments. Attend this session to ... More »