Finance strategy

Sonam Pawar, TruQua Enterprises

To keep up with today’s intense competition, rapidly advancing technologies and stringent compliance standards, the C-suite is always looking for good quality information to make deft and precise decisions. The ups and downs of the past decade have been crucial in repositioning the finance function of a company as its hub for competitive intelligence. As an effect, many finance organizations are undergoing a metamorphosis. Attend this session to walk through 7 key considerations before you embark on a finance transformation journey, including ... More »

Saugata Ghosh, PwC

Dive deeper than the technological advances of SAP S/4HANA Finance and unearth the real business benefits it can represent for your organization. Whether a migration or greenfield implementation, consider the goals for your organization’s finance function and evaluate whether SAP S/4HANA Finance can help you achieve them. Attend this session to ... More »

Moderator: Frank Ciannella, SAP

CFOs are faced with driving sustainable, profitable growth and funding innovation within their organizations. Leveraging SAP S/4HANA for the right use cases can free up resources, unlock value, and drive business results to new highs. Attend this panel discussion, hosted by the SAP Chief Customer Office, and hear from finance professionals who have implemented and benefited from innovative use cases addressing finance’s needs. Questions this session can help answer include ... More »

Marko Kling, Serrala

Learn how advanced business analytics can bring clarity to your financial processes and walk through the challenges and trends in modern reporting, particularly around the benefits of reporting real-time financial insights for invoice-to-pay, invoice-to-cash, and cash visibility. Examine the rise of data literacy and learn how to empower your team to read, work with, and analyze data. Explore the future of self-service analytics in a cloud environment and see examples of how you can save time and money by automating reporting activities. Attend this session to ... More »

Expectations for financial software have changed. Empower the finance team to be a highly-valued partner throughout your enterprise. Improve business performance and drive process automation by harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology to make insightful, data-driven core financial, planning, and budgeting decisions. Join this session for an overview of how SAP S/4HANA Finance can help digitally transform your finance department into an agile, real-time component of your digital business. Topics presented in this session include ... More »

Moderator: Kathie Topel, Protiviti

Organizations must understand, embrace, and adapt new technologies via visionary leadership with a well-defined and integrated approach connecting innovation, technology disruptors, and people. Join this expert panel session to learn how leaders are preparing organizations for the future and enabling SAP S/4HANA transformation with a sustainable change approach connecting technology, process, and culture. Attend this session to ... More »

Understand how SAP is building an intelligent enterprise with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning software to unite human expertise and computer insights. Explore the value of machine learning for the finance organization. This presentation will give you the opportunity to ... More »

Moderator: John Harrison, Protiviti

Join this panel session to learn how CFOs and finance leaders are shifting their attention to a new world of ongoing regulatory changes, technology disruptors, and data security and privacy. Hear about new approaches to help CFOs understand and face cybersecurity risks, learn how to integrate automation and technology modernization, and find out what companies are doing to leverage data to make better business decisions. Attend this session to ... More »

Arnab Bhattacharjee, PwC

Legacy forecasting techniques are becoming obsolete in an ultra-competitive environment, increasing risks for capital-intensive businesses. Explore the various quantitative methods that are fast replacing judgmental and qualitative forecasting techniques. Attend this session to ... More »

Ingo Czok, Serrala

Blockchain technology has been in the news for a while now, but real use cases are still rare. Will blockchain make payments more secure, faster, or cheaper? Which innovations may have the potential to change the way finance works in the future? Separate the wheat from the chaff, weigh the pros and cons, and learn how companies can deploy innovative solutions. Attend this session to ... More »