Vasudevan E.R., Deloitte

Cyberattacks put an organization’s intellectual property, operations, and reputation at stake. In this session, learn how SAP Enterprise Threat Detection can help you gain a holistic view of securing your SAP environment and set up a robust and powerful security infrastructure that can monitor, detect, and respond to cyber threats. Attend to ... More »

Bill Oliver

The Security Audit Log in SAP records security-related system information such as unsuccessful logon attempts, changes to user master records, and RFC calls. The Security Audit Log keeps a record of these activities for your review and investigation. Attend this session to gain a comprehensive overview of what the Security Audit Log is, how to configure and set up the Security Audit Log, and how best to use it. In this session, you will ... More »

Secure authentication establishes the very foundation of running secure enterprise applications. When the first target of cyberattackers are end-user passwords, hardening the authentication process and reducing the usage of passwords becomes a priority. Attend this session to learn about the capabilities that help customers protect both their application data and their employees’ personal data against attackers. In this session, you will ... More »

Rama Krishna Kotni, EY

Attend this session to better understand what’s changing with SAP S/4HANA and how access to database, application, and presentation layers can be secured. Learn about new SAP S/4HANA and SAP Fiori functionality and tips and tricks for securing them based on recent SAP S/4HANA implementations. Understand SAP S/4HANA architecture and the impact on security and controls requirements at the database, application, and SAP Fiori interface layers. By attending, you will explore ... More »

Join this session to get to know 2 novel SAP solutions that can help decrease the probability and magnitude of data abuse from within your organization. See the solutions in action and understand how these generic and configurable solutions enable you to avoid or technically prevent unwarranted access to sensitive data. Attend to ... More »