Risk, fraud, and audit management

Abhishek Chakraborty, EY

Market volatility, pricing pressure, variations in market performance, rapidly shifting geo-political objectives, and evolving consumption of disruptive technology have all contributed to a global economy that demands rapid enterprise evolution. Learn how to redefine the traditional scope of risks for a modern world and leverage SAP Risk Management to monitor external risks. Attend this session to ... More »

Learn how SAP elevates the impact of audit efforts by using a state-of-the-art audit management system. Attend this session to learn how to achieve ... More »

Virtually every headline reporting unexpected loss events, from cyber risk to business practices, quality control to project failure, can be attributed to failure by one or more of the Three Lines of Defense. Current practices flag known issues for reporting and resolution. What’s needed is a tool to identify and self-correct gaps in coverage where problems may exist. This presentation will feature a brief demo of the GRC Digital Boardroom. Learn how to implement best practices that will ... More »

Steve Biskie, RSM

Learn how to not only survive an SAP audit but do so in a way that keeps your sanity and a smile on your face. Learn the different types of audits and how these might impact auditor expectations. Get tips and tricks from a career auditor on how to work successfully with your auditor during the review. Join to ... More »

In today’s business environment, organizations deal with an increasing number of external parties and transactions taking place in multiple heterogeneous systems. How can an organization ensure that it only conducts business with entities that are not listed on some type of high-risk or sanctioned party list? Or that it identifies suspicious or even fraudulent transactions early enough to minimize potential losses? SAP Business Integrity Screening is a GRC solution natively built for the SAP HANA database to quickly help customers screen potential business partners and analyze large volumes of data from multiple data sources. Attend to learn ... More »

Andreas Nissen, Turnkey Consulting

Despite GDPR requiring more controls over personal data, businesses are still holding on to large volumes of information. Join this session to get an overview of the SAP Business Integrity Screening solution and get practical advice for your implementation project. Attend this session to hear real-world use cases for SAP Business Integrity Screening and ... More »