Mastering wage and payroll challenges in the current economy

Sylvia Chaudoir, Deloitte

With the US national unemployment rate holding steady at 3.7% as of November 2018, organizations are wondering what they need to do to attract and retain superior talent. This session walks you through how to approach an evaluation of your company’s total compensation strategy, with a particular focus on wage levels and pay practices to determine what impact raising wages will have to your bottom line. Attend this session to... More »

Steve Bogner, Insight Consulting Partners

Attend this session to understand more details on SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll and how it can improve the way you process payroll. Hear how SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll is highly scalable and provides you with real-time data at all times. By joining this session, you will... More »

Mike Timm, Integrated Consulting Group

Attend this session to learn the key integration points between the HR payroll functions and SAP ERP Financials. Get answers to the biggest integration challenges, including how retroactive calculations are posted, how month-end accruals are posted through payroll processing, and how to verify that third-party remittance has been done for off-cycle payrolls. Join to... More »

Steve Bogner, Insight Consulting Partners

Managing global payroll is one of the most complex tasks for payroll professionals. Learn how to meet the common challenges that arise with deploying SAP payroll systems in multiple geographies and countries. See how to use your payroll functionality to standardize the implementation process across countries, but also to continue to meet local requirements. By joining this session, you will... More »

Imran Sajid, SAP

Join this session to understand how the SAP SuccessFactors Payroll Control Center (PCC) can be used to transform your traditional payroll into a more efficient and accurate payroll for SAP HCM Payroll or SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll. Hear directly from SAP regarding some of the recent game changing innovations such as off-cycle and teams functionality. Attend to... More »

Mike Timm, Integrated Consulting Group

This session examines the fundamentals of SAP time evaluation, including an overview of wage type selections and absence quotas, and will help you understand what’s required to integrate time evaluation with Cross-Application Time Sheets (CATS). By attending this session, you will... More »

Moderator: Mike Timm, Integrated Consulting Group
Panelists: Steve Tapyrik, Owens Corning; Phil Corriveau, Delta Airlines; Susan McBroom, Patriot Rai Company

This no-holds-barred exchange of ideas with peers and experts tackles your most pressing payroll challenges. Join this panel to... More »

Stephen Gallo, SpinifexIT

Payroll Control Center (PCC) is SAP's current and future platform for analyzing, processing, and verifying payroll for cloud and on-premise customers. SAP's rapid-deployment solution for PCC contains the core policies/checks and KPIs customers will need to ensure a valid payroll. However, every customer has unique processes that add value to their business that may require customized verification of data used to process payroll. In this session, explore the SpinifexIT rapid-deployment solution for PCC as you learn... More »

Mike Timm, Integrated Consulting Group

Join us to discuss similarities and differences between on-premise payroll and Employee Central Payroll. The similarities and differences have evolved over the last few years and making the change to Employee Central Payroll has become less daunting in many ways. More »

Donna Andrews, OpenText
Jean M. Hills, OpenText

Many HR organizations continue to struggle with the everyday task of managing employee files. The massive amount of employee documents — mostly paper-based — creates operational bottlenecks, compliance violation exposure, and impacts an organization’s ability to focus on strategic HR initiatives. In this session, learn how... More »